Baba Ka dhaba files case against Swad Official

The previously viral video of Baba ka Dhaba where an eldrerly couple is selling food on their stall and sharing their experience through the current pandemic took over the internet and showed the power of social media. While things are now better for Owner of Baba ka dhaba ( aka Baba), He filed FIR against the youtuber who firstly made him viral for misappropriating donations.

Also many big youtubers like Lakshay Chaudhary and Smarat have spoken up on the issue. Many People have claimed that the donations were not given to Baba.

Baba ka dhaba got many digital brands endorsed starting from Zomato, swiggy, magicpin etc.

However, in my opinion there could’ve been another solution by speaking up. As we are unaware about the complete story, no conclusion or judgement from our side.

The motive of video was to help many people like Baba ka Dhaba by ordering from them or giving them business by any good way.

I through my blog also request you that many of the business will resume their work post lock-down for the festival of Diwali and so on, Do consider them for shopping option.

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