Is Among us a New Trend in Gaming community?

After Ban of the most-loved battle-royale game PUBG mobile, it hinted a comeback by cutting ties with Tencent, but it might take a while to get it completely back on play store. Till then the game lovers switched to Call of Duty. While some stayed enjoying the game, many of them stopped playing as PUBG had a better UI and options.

In the Interim A new game called ‘Among us’ developed by Innersloth LLC is becoming a new plaything for game-lovers, Gaming community and streamers. The game received a good response in the month of September and many of new and old streamers are streaming the Among us gameplay.

Among us is a Game with 3 maps where a host choose an option of how many ‘imposters’ may be consisting amongst ‘crewmate’ more detailed explanation below.

The roles

Among us has 2 main roles as follows:


A crewmate is someone who is a legitimate player of the game who is assigned a task in the group, as the crewmates processes the task, the task meter fills and results victory when all the crewmates have finished their tasks.

A crew mate along with doing tasks faces challenges initiated (sabotaged) by imposter in order to create a panic in the tasks.

A crewmate has to report the dead body of any fellow crewmate once he sees it so everyone can group together and discuss out who is the imposter.


An imposter is a crewmate in disguise i.e. the bad guy whose task is to kill everyone on the ship.

If the imposter manages to kill majority of crewmates, it results in imposter victory. An imposter can also self-report the dead body in order to act as an innocent.

Among us

What makes it enjoyable?

Among us is an online multi-player game which you can play with maximum of 10 people either in public or in private. You can also create your own game to be the admin and select setting as per our convenience.

You can connect over a Voice channel on Discord with your friends to enjoy more of the game and play together.

Where in PUBG you had 4 members in your team, in among us you get to play with 10 of your friends but surely “There will be imposters among us”.

Comment what you think about the game and how do you enjoy playing among us?

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