Mirzapur S2 and Scam 1992

Mirzapur 2 storm has already taken over the internet with all the memes. As on October 22 the Most awaited season of the gang war web-series Mirzapur aired on Amazon Prime. Though it was scheduled on 23rd of October, Amazon Prime surprised their members with S2 with night of 22nd itself.

Mirzapur did not disappointed its audience unlike sacred games. The season as expected ended on a cliff-hanger hinting out a season 3. Season 2 did end with lots of question unanswered and some nice storyline introducing new characters.

Scam 1992 stands up on IMDB

Scam 1992: the Harshad Mehta story is winning hearts with its amazing screenplay and outstanding acting by the actors. The web-series crossed Breaking Bad in the IMDB rating and currently is ruling the OTT platforms.

The series is interesting and has some catchy dialogues for its audience and much more.

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